Brother Where You Bound
Album: Brother Where You Bound
Released: 1985
Total Time: 42:44

Dougie Thomson
Bob Siebenberg
John A. Helliwell
Rick Davies

1 - Cannonball

2 - Still In Love

3 - No Inbetween

4 - Better Days

5 - Brother Where You Bound

6 - Ever Open Door


You're tellin' lies, so don't you criticize

Yeah I got used, all messed up and abused

You let me down, with all your runnin' round

Still you pretend and try to call me friend

Don't say a word, I know just what I heard

Yeah you've been loose, you just go no excuse

Just feel my rage, why can't you come of age?

I felt it all, just like a cannonball

Then you got mad, you said that I'm all bad

So what's the use, you lied and that's the truth

You took the key and drove right out on me

I never knew, put all my trust in you

OK that's it, I'm leaving now, I quit

I was unwise, so don't apologize

I paid the price, for taking your advice

I felt it all, just like a cannonball

You can say what you want all day

But I've never been so outraged

I'm washing my hands of you

How could you be so untrue

You know I can't stand no more

You know I can't stand no more

I can't stand no more

Can't stand no more


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Still In Love

You've been lyin'

I've been cryin'

You've been messin'

I've been guessin' 'bout you

You've been cheatin'

I've been creepin' around

You've been leavin'

I'll be grievin', I'm grievin'

But I'm still in love with you

And no matter what you do

Cause you know that in the end

I'll come runnin' back again

I've been drinkin'

Got me thinkin'

You've been tellin'

I've been yellin' at you

You've been stretchin'

I've been fetchin' you back

You've been tastin'

I've been wastin', I'm wastin'

But I'm still in love with you

And no matter what you do

Cause you know that in the end

I'll come runnin' back again

You've been sighin'

And goodbyin'

Never knowin'

Where you're goin'

You've been choosin'

I've been losin' you

You're my lover

But I discovered the truth

But I'm still in love with you

And no matter what you do

Cause you know that in the end

I'll come runnin' back again

Got me dancin' on a string

Like I just don't mean a thing

Cause you know that in the end

I'll come runnin' back again

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No Inbetween

So pardon me boys

I'm gonna be late

I don't have the choice

I've got to get into shape

It's eight on the nose

And I gotta go

So pass me my coat

I've got to get to the show

Ain't got no feeling

Ain't got no pain

Ain't got no reason

To try again

Don't need no finger

To point at me

Can't let it linger

I must get free

So send me away

Cause I need a break

What more can I say

There's just so much I can take

But don't be so sad

I'm feeling alright

It won't be so bad

If I can get through tonight

It seemed so simple

Let's go out and have some fun

Someone to play to

We didn't know what we'd begun

Then as things grew

We really thought we had it made

But soon we all knew

That we'd be ending up like slaves

The simple fact is

There really ain't no inbetween

You're either up there

Or scurryin' round and lookin' lean

And when you're up there

They just can't wait to tear you down

Just like a treadmill

You find yourself goin' round and round

So pardon me boys

I'm gonna be late

I don't have the choice

I've got to get into shape

So just one more time

Yeah that is for sure

And then I'll be fine

Ah but I've said it before 

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Better Days

Trust me, I can help you

Feel free, we can save you

Join us in the good life

And better days, better days

Campaign for a new life

Champagne and the bright lights

Make way for the right way

And better days, better days

You didn't realize about the other life that we can give you

We'll open up your eyes and make you see the light that's all around you

We'll help you work it out and then you'll never doubt

Our intuition, our vision, our decision, our mission, so listen

No war, no inflation

No more desperation

You'll see we can show you

Better days, much better days

More food, higher wages

Good schools, smiling faces

Make way for the new way

Better days, better days

We're going to lead you down to where the sun is always brightly shining

We'll push away the clouds and show you there's a gold and silver lining

We'll take away the pain, you'll want to try again

You won't be sorry, so don't worry, don't worry, so hurry and join me

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Brother Where You Bound

There's a red cloud hanging over us

And it's so big and it's gonna burst

All you people with your heads in the ground

Hey brother, where you bound?

And they're no good and they're everywhere

Try to tell you, but you just don't care

Yes I hear you, but you don't make a sound

Hey brother, where you bound?

Say brother, where you bound?

And you don't know what they're gonna do

And you don't know how they feel

And you don't know what they're tellin' you

Is it a lie or is it real

And the next thing that you know is

That they walk out on the deal

And the message that they're giving you

Is the same old alibi

If you don't quite see their point of view

Then they treat you like a spy

And the phone rings and you disappear

In the middle of the night

Can't you see they're on the move

Don't know what you're trying to prove

But you sit there oh so cool

Like they never broke no rules

And the cat flies and the crow walks

And the ghost dies and the sow talks

And they tell us that they'll be as good as gold

Hey brother, where's your soul?

Believe nothing that you're told

Make a move in one direction

Try to make some compromise

But they greet you with rejection

Makin' out you're tellin' lies

Then they turn around and tell you

Better get down from the sky

For the sake of all that's holy

Listen good to what I say

I can feel them all around me

They could be here any day

But you act like you don't know me

Why d'you look at me that way

If there's one thing that is clear

We gotta get away from here

We've gotta leave this place

It's just a hopeless case

Ain't no one else to blame

We're gonna lose this game

Hey brother get off my back

I gotta tell you, you're way off the track

They got a hatred deep down inside

Ain't gonna let them take me alive

I'm gonna burn them down, just wait and see

Ain't gonna let them walk over me

You ain't got no heart and soul

And your mind is weak and your blood's runnin' cold

You better move, you better hide

They're gettin' in, they're gettin' inside

If you get caught you better know

They're gonna reap, you're gonna sow

Don't be a fool, we gotta go

Ain't no place safe for us to stay

We better move on, we better move on 

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Ever Open Door

Sharing's good, sharing's fine

But no one wants to share this world of mine

Is dull, dark and grey

And no one wants to find the way

To my front door is always open to you

Hey now life, give me a break

For much more of this I cannot

Take me to a far off place

Where there's no rich or poor

And every house has got an ever open door

I want to find my direction

I want my love and affection

Yes I'm needing it more and more

I want to find my own answers

it's time I knew what my plans were

I'm going to find out what I'm looking for

I'm gonna take all my chances

Gonna make my advances

I'm gonna see what my life has in store

I've got a feeling inside me

I'll put the past way behind me

Pick myself up from the floor

I want my sun in the morning

Want my friends to come calling

I'll keep a welcome outside my door 


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