Fan's Gallery

Photos taken during the 88' Tour

Walter & Rick in Rio John & Walter in Rio Rick signing the Supertramp
Brazilian Fan Club t-shirt

Walter & Bob in São Paulo Walter & Dougie in São Paulo Rick, Walter & John
in São Paulo

Photos taken during the 97' Tour

Walter & Rick in Vienna
(taken by Mark Hart)
Mark Hart & Walter in Vienna
(taken by Rick Davies)
Cliff, Walter & Carl (look
at the old dartboard!)

Walter & Bob Siebenberg
in Vienna (taken by John)
John Helliwell & Walter
in Vienna (taken by Bob)
Walter & Jesse

Walter playing on Rick's
grand piano
Walter playing on Rick's
Rick & Walter in Imst
(taken by Cliff Hugo)

Rick signing the tourbook
before the Imst concert
Rick signing the "It's About
Time Tour" poster
Sue & Rick (what a nice

Bernard Alexander, piano
technician (THANK YOU!)
Mark and his son Satchel Bob with an autographed t-shirt

John, tired after the Imst
It's impossible to walk with John without laughing

This is Boogie, Rick's dog



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